Daily Reflection: Faithfulness in Service – Sunday 1st July 2018

TEXT: 3 JOHN 1-12
MEMORY VERSE: Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much and the one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”
Welcome to the month of July, the month that brings us to the second half of the year. The Lord shall preserve us all to see the end of the year and beyond in peace. John, the Elder, wrote to Gaius, a faithful Church leader who had been serving the Lord in truth, a letter of encouragement and to spur him to more good works. One notable part of the letter to Gaius is in verse 3. He points out that Gaius has been walking in the truth and people testify to the truth that they see in him. He was not the man who told the people that he walks in the truth; rather it was his character that people saw. It is very easy to relate with, and follow those who demonstrate and practice the truth, because, everyone wants to be treated with sincerity. This was seen in the fact that he treated everyone rightly, whether they are brethren or strangers. Walking in the truth for Gaius amounts to being faithful in his service to the Lord and humanity.

In verse 5, Elder John particularly notes the fact that everything Gaius does has always been done faithfully from his heart. Gaius does not do anything for any reward; he does not see his actions as a means of getting any position or recognition. He simply served the Lord faithfully. The Lord used Elder John to identify Gaius’ faithfulness and comments on it. There are various ways the Lord uses people to identify someone who is serving Him. It is a thing of joy to note that the works of this man was documented in the Bible for just being faithful.

Are you a faithful Minister of God or are you doing all you are doing for showmanship? Are you a member who is serving in the Church with a faithful heart? Are you a Church officer who wants the praise of men rather than that of God? The message encourages us all to serve the Lord faithfully so that God can commit greater works unto you.
PRAYER: Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to serve You with faithfulness wherever I find myself and whatever I do. Impart in me an honest and a righteous heart. Amen.

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