Daily Reflection: THE WISE FOOLS – Thursday 2nd August, 2018

TEXT:1 KINGS 11:1 – 11
MEMORY VERSE: ROMANS 1:22″Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”

It is a very disheartening thing to hear that the same King Solomon, a man full of wisdom from the Lord, the wisest man of his time, the man visited by God in a dream and given an open cheque, could turn out to be a very foolish person. It is very pathetic. I used to appreciate King Solomon when I first started to learn about the Bible in our children Sunday school in those days. I so much admired him until I learnt that he married hundreds of women, had concubines, and built altars for gods. How can a man who built a great temple in worth millions of dollars for the Lord to become so stupid as to run after idols and build altars for them? How can the same man who tasted the privilege of hearing the words of the Lord turn aside to worship idols which have eyes but cannot see; ears but cannot hear? Indeed, it was an act of foolishness which all right-thinking people must condemn and learn a lesson from.

Today, you can look at your own life in this mirror and try to understand what could have gone wrong, but really, it was an act of foolishness for you to have received glory and honour from the Lord and turn around to use the same glory and honour to worship and glorify idols. O God forbid.

The same applies to many of us today. For example, we have politicians whom the Lord had given the rare honour and privilege to be in a post of honour who are abusing it for personal gains. We have ministers of God endowed with power and anointing who have gone after the idols of money and fame; we have Christians who have been elevated and blessed by the Lord but only use their money for immoral purposes. This also is foolishness. Let us try to learn from the mistakes of others so that we don’t fall into the same error they fell into. You have been warned.

PRAYER: In all my days, Lord, don’t allow me to fall out of Your grace. Make my heart Your dwelling place in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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