Daily Reflection: REORGANIZING YOUR PRIORITY – Saturday 4th August, 2018

MEMORY VERSE: MATTHEW 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Today’s text is all about worry. We are advised not to be fretful because life is more than meat and body more than raiment; life greater than materials, fowls, flowers which are fed by God without their labour. Worry is a silent killer which cannot change the body or solve problem. Worry is useless and sinful, it brings about fear, diseases, troubles mental and physical agony, a stumbling block to many and lack of faith in Almighty God.

It is, therefore, needless worrying about anything. Solomon, with all his wealth, fame and grandeur was not better clothed than the lilies which are beautifully clothed by God without labouring for it.

The desires of many today are not really about eating and drinking or clothing. People’s reasons for working or doing businesses today have gone above the normal life and living plan. Such desires have gone to the extent that some people do not serve the Lord any longer. They concentrate on wants and needs without depending on God from whom all these blessings flow. They seek to increase themselves without the knowledge of God in them. They employ various tactics to get money and not to get the righteousness of God. Verse 32a exposes a truth about it: they seek these things in the same way unbeliever seek them, – by hook or crook, by deception and lies, by corruption and fraud.

Verse 33 tells us that what we should do is to seek the Kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. Christians today do not seek that part; they seek the things of the world. Can we ever be satisfied? Isaiah 54:14 says that in righteousness you shall be established… What more do we need to hear? Re-order your priority and let God take the place of prominence in your life and you shall be established.

PRAYER: Lord, let Your glory and honour take priority and precedence in all I do and to seek Your Kingdom instead of the mundane things of this sinful world for I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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