Daily Reflection: GOD OF SECOND CHANCE – Thursday 9th August, 2018

TEXT: JOHN 8:3-12
MEMORY VERSE: JOHN 8: 11 “She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

Our text today is the very passionate story of a woman caught in adultery and according to accepted norms was about to be stoned to death. In the story, the people wanted to execute the judgment of Moses on the woman and so brought her to Jesus Christ for His opinion “to tempt Him”. Jesus was, no doubt, in a serious situation. If He would condemn the woman, He would be accused of usurping the Roman authority and if He set her free, He would be seen to be encouraging adultery and going against the law of Moses. We are daily tempted by the devil. In short, Jesus merely told her to go and sin no more. Jesus gave her a second chance. May God help us to correctly address every difficult situation we find ourselves.

This woman must have seen people being stoned to death. It was a common scene there and then. Jesus did not support sin but He was there to wash away sins and give her another chance. He was born to destroy the works of the flesh, including adultery. Jesus is not condemning anyone and He is ready and willing to give everyone a second chance.

If you have gone astray, Jesus can also give you a second chance to amend your ways and get it right. When in junior school, and we were given an assignment, teachers didn’t punish us when we got it wrong; they corrected us. Punishment only came when we failed again to correct ourselves. Let God redeem you. All you need to do is to correct yourself and your ways and you will get it right.

PRAYER: God of a second chance, grant me the grace not fall into a sin the second time, but help me to realize my shortcomings and seek forgiveness to sin no more in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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