Music Review: ‘So Good to Me’ – Mercy

By: ’Funmilola Olukomaiya
Date: September 05, 2018

This almost five minutes of music has dynamics, sprinkled with sustained flowing lines and rich, resonant chords. It is also a passive number that exudes subtle rhythmic intensity yet simple with no sense of adventure. It is easily relatable and with a slow tempo and consistent rhythm; one can conclude that the mood of the song was well handled.

The song has a slow introduction, one that is passive and a bit longer than necessary. The intro is somewhat woven into what can be perceived as the solo of the song. It left me wondering what the song was about until it began. Unlike some intros that are atmospheric and capture your imagination from the start as they establish a good beat that sets up the song, this is like a regular worship song. The song relayed what an intro is supposed to do: lead into the song naturally. Also, it leads awkwardly into the main part of the song. There is nothing special about the intro.

‘So good to me’ creates a subtle, rhythmic, pronouncing sound that is quite inspirational. The rich and resonant keyboard melody and the crisp and exact percussion soothes the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed. This composition would make for a good congregational worship song.

Yet, it is tuneful and interesting, the kind of tune (melody) that is easy to remember. Commercially, the song carries a sticky quality, one that you can’t get out of your head for days. The singer’s (lead) vocal quality is rich, not thin as she expressively relays the lyrics supported by equally sound voice texture with great vocal quality – comfortable with the high notes as the modulation was well conducted without going screechy in the harmonization.

Whilst there is no solid beat and strong engaging rhythm that grabs you and carries you along, the rhythmic effects are flowing, subtle and pronounced and at the same time, consistent and convincing too. The song doesn’t have a rich variety of interesting instruments, not exactly distinctive and memorable. The arrangement is averagely tasteful and suits the mood of the song.

The song is not accompanied with any expressive musical instrument, but the artist made it interesting by varying the rhythm and dynamics and also avoided a boring mechanical strum throughout.

Although digital effects can be striking and really enhance a song, in this piece, the musician didn’t overuse them. Its use enhanced the song; not overused rather, made it sound rich and not amateurish. The digital effects were used to enhance the musical quality. What is also striking is that the lyrics of the song is easy to make out. There is clarity of words and diction; easy flow of words with no confusion or unnecessary semantic noise. The songwriter chose words and phrases that are relatable with sound and natural rhythmic quality.

The song is slow and can put you to sleep except you’re familiar with it. Lyrics are original – except for its predictability. The song ended on a note that left me wondering if the pitch of the song was about to be taken higher – wasn’t conclusive.

Overall, the singer is natural, talented and professional; and the song, good to the ears.

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