Lies about Sex

As youths in this time and age, sex appeal has become a norm. Yes! We see, live and breathe sex and for all we care, it seems like a lifestyle to be proud of.

Undeniably, our culture and current society is unapologetically sex-obsessed. Even as we try to shy away from discussing it in public, it is very evident especially where sales or profitability is tied or linked to it.

Unfortunately, it is quite natural that ‘sex sells,’ and any advertiser seen not to flow with the trend is likely to become redundant and ultimately tagged foolish for not exploiting such a powerful drive. As a result of its ‘fast selling syndrome’, we see it everywhere: on billboards, in movies, on TV shows and commercials. In magazines, pop-art, radio and all over the internet. It surrounds us. It is so ubiquitous we no longer notice it, or the subtle effect that it has on our mood and hormones, and how it seeps into our subconscious and informs our assumptions about the world.

Modern day Christians are not left out of this ‘end time’ lifestyle as they effortlessly flaunt their sexualities in the house of God.

There was the story of a certain young man who shortly after he got married alleged that everything he was told about sex was wrong. He attributed his assertion to the fact that not only popular culture but also the Church had misled him in his expectations.

Moving forward, some terrible lies have been told since time immemorial about sex, therefore, we highlighted below some of these insidious lies.

1: Sex is no big deal: This is so wrong and because we are Christians who strive to live like our master, sex is a huge deal. Genesis 2:24 says that sex ties two people together forever. You might want to say, “but we don’t see or talk again”, but the truth is one can’t escape the memories of sharing the most intimate act of all. That’s why God wants us to save sex for the person we commit our lives to—that is, the person we marry.

2: You can be a “technical” virgin: This is one term that is so common at this time and you find young champs justifying why they can indulge in immorality. Truth is, in God’s eyes, staying a virgin means more than just not having sex (Matthew 5:27-28). It means keeping your mind, body, and spirit sexually pure. Messing around, touching each other in private places and doing “everything but” just doesn’t fit into that picture.

3: Sex equals love: This is a ‘big fat lie’ the enemy has sold to our generation so to get unsuspecting youth to be entwined in the web of sexual immorality. It’s true, at least for many, that sex equals an emotional tie of some sort—one that might seem like love. But here’s a news flash: many treat sex as more of a physical thing than an emotional one. Sex is meant to be the ultimate expression of the ultimate commitment which is marriage. In the right sense, love should come first, marriage second and sex third.

4: Sex fulfills me: This is another lie the enemy has sown into the hearts of men and it’s so unfortunate that so many destinies have been wasted just because they think there is a link or tie to getting completion through intercourse. This creates unrealistic expectations, which are in no way abated by the things we see around us. Along with this impossibility, we should not forget the contrapositive: no sex = no fulfillment. This is the real killer for abstinence and celibacy. The effective message is, “If you haven’t had sex, you haven’t lived.”

5: Having sex is just like any other sin: This lie is usually sugar coated with the popular saying that “Sin is sin, “ which is very misleading. Indeed, God definitely forgives sexual sin the same way he forgives all sins but the reason the Bible pays close attention to sexual sin is that sex affects people in a way that no other sin does (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). Most sins involve mainly your actions, but premarital sex involves your heart, mind, and body as well. That kind of internal damage is very hard to get beyond.

6: Everybody’s doing it:This is what the enemy wants us to believe but it is so not true. World over, there are plenty of cool, happy people who have chosen to follow God’s plan and save sex for marriage. And they’re also saving themselves all kinds of heartache. So not only are they cool; they’re equally very, very smart.

Therefore, we must guard our hearts against all the lies that easily slips into our minds and subconsciously frame our thoughts. We don’t live for pleasure, and we don’t live for ourselves. We live for Christ. God gave us pleasure and it is right to enjoy it, but it is not pleasure or sex that fulfills; it is Christ. He is our husband and God, in whom we find our true fulfillment. He is the fulfillment of all things, so it is possible to shun sexual immorality and live a life Christ would be proud of.

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