Music Review: ‘Odiginaka’ – Kelechi

‘Odiginaka’ – Kelechi
By ’Funmilola Olukomaiya

‘Odiginaka’, means ‘It is in Your hands’. This almost four-minute Afro-pop piece with rich African elements, sprinkled with sustained flowing lines. It is a passive number that exudes subtle rhythmic intensity. Odiginaka’s mood was well scored – a simple musical composition with no sense of adventure, but easily relatable – a slow tempo and consistent rhythm.

Inspired by life experiences and the need to take a step at a time without biting too much each time, Kelechi dishes life hacks in this piece while encouraging himself and listeners alike that with persistence and hard work, success is sure.

While stressing that no achievement can be gotten through one’s efforts but through sole reliance on God, he stresses the importance of clinging to the Most High whilst not demonstrating lazy tendencies.

This number is a song of encouragement, especially when faced with the hurdles life throws at us. It is sure to soothe you no matter the situation. And indeed, putting everything in God’s hands gives rest of mind.

Through the lyrics, the singer appreciates himself, his resilience and diligence while explaining his disappointments and affirming that with God on his side, he will surely pull through – successfully at that.

It is also a lovely, soft and beautifully crafted tune with every line carefully selected. This piece creates a quite inspirational flow with its subtle, rhythmic sound. The rich and resonant lead guitar melody soothes the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed.

‘Odiginaka’ is tuneful and interesting and easy to remember; helps you to ease out stress and makes you feel at home listening to it. With a catchy introduction, one that is engaging and captures your imagination right from its start, this quickly makes way for something somewhat woven into what can be perceived as the solo of the song. The expressively stirring tone from the guitar helped to lead into the song naturally.

Kelechi’s vocal quality is rich and expressive in relaying the lyrics of the song which was sung in ‘pidgin english’, a type of language that resonates across ethnic groups.

Odiginaka’s lyrics are meaningful, not predictable, shallow or pretentious.

Whilst there is a great, solid beat and engaging melody that grabs you and carries you along, the rhythmic effects are flowing, energetic and pronounced and at the same time, consistent and convincing too. The song has a rich variety of interesting and expressive instruments, quite distinctive and memorable. The arrangement is tasteful and suits the mood of the song. The backup singers also fit well into the song as they possess good voice texture that blended well to complete his.

However, the song ends rather abruptly and leaves the listener One would have thought the brief interval was for an instrumental interlude.

Overall, Kelechi Christian is natural, talented and professional and the song makes good music to the ears with its consistent rhythm which can relax the mind anytime and anywhere.

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