Daily Reflection: GOD’S ATTRIBUTES – Friday 30th November, 2018

TEXT: NAHUM 1:2-15
MEMORY VERSE: NAHUM 1:6 “Who can stand before His indignation, and who can abide in the fierceness of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire and the rocks are thrown down by Him.”

In our text for today, one of the 12 so-called “minor prophets” Nahum, the Elkoshite, gives us insight into the attributes of God in a vision God gave him concerning Nineveh, the then capital of Assyria, a country noted for its warmongering. Bible scholars will remember that God, about 100 years earlier, sent Prophet Jonah to this city to go and warn the inhabitants that He was ready to destroy the city unless they repented of their sins. Though Jonah initially refused to go to Nineveh to deliver the message all because he (Jonah) wanted God to destroy Israel’s enemy, God made a whale to deliver the prophet to the shores of Ninevah where gave Jonah the commission again.

Jonah delivered the message and the people went into prayers and fasting and God let them off the hook. However about 100 years after, Nineveh went into sin and Prophet Nahum wrote about it again. He gave several attributes of God. He says among others that: (1) God is slow to anger (2) God is Jealous (3) He revenges (4) God can be furious (5) He is great in power (6) He will not acquit the wicked (7) He is Omnipotent and (8) He can be fierce in His anger and none can stand before Him when He is angry.

There are lots more. You can mark them out in your bible. God honours those who honour and fear Him. He exalts the humble but debases, the proud. He is no respecter of persons, no matter your wealth, political standing and your position in the society. He is the self-existent God. Unfortunately, many people, like the Israelite, the people of Nineveh and the powerful Babylonians, take God for granted. Where is Nineveh today? Where is Babylon? Where is the 10 Northern Kingdom of Israel? Be warned. God is nobody’s equal. Let us honour Him because He deserves it.

PRAYER: God, be merciful to our nation and never allow her to go into oblivion in Jesus’ name.

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