Daily Reflection: PURE WORSHIP – Tuesday 18th December, 2018

TEXT: JOB 1: 1-22
MEMORY VERSE: JOB 1: 21 “Naked came I from my mother’s womb and naked shall I return thither.”

Job was described as a blameless and upright man (vs. 1,2). Read vs. 4-6,8 and identify the virtues that guaranteed such description of Job. With the affirmation of Job’s character by God (vs. 8), Satan had a ready-made accusation. Satan argued that Job served God for what he was getting out of it. Therefore, if Job’s wealth and health were taken away, Job would curse God (vs. 9-11.) Satan was proved wrong because in verse 20-22 of our text it is reported that “Job arose, and rent his mantle and shaved his head and…worshipped God,” saying “Naked came I from my mother’s womb and naked shall I return thither; the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In all this Job sinned not nor charged God foolishly.” Is this accusation in any way true about you and your worship of God? Satan needed to prove to God that Job’s worship was attached to what he was getting from God, not necessarily a true worship. God gave Satan access into Job’s life which teaches that there can be innocent sufferings a times.

With all that Job experienced (vs. 13-19), his reaction in v 20(a) of tearing his robe may be normal but falling down to worship God (vs. 20b-21b) was unusual. The statement “Blessed be the name of the Lord” can only come from one with a very deep knowledge of God and how He works. What an expression of worship that is void of any sentiment or attachment!

Our worship of God must be from the heart. Use everything within you to worship Him. Use all your resources to worship Him, too. What will your worship be if you are not where you are today or not having all you have today? Do not be a fair-weather worshipper. Some people only worship God when things are rosy and go away when chips are down, blaming God for their woes. Parents should note Job’s priestly function for his household in vs. 5 and learn a lesson from him.

PRAYER: Lord, let not Satan, with all its antics and fiery darts, sift me as wheat. Hold me with Your right, hand, Mighty God, in the storm of life in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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