Christianity gone wrong.

A colleague saw a crusade flyer of a pastor and his wife. The next thing I heard was her exclamation of ‘wetin?!’. On the flyer was a picture of a young looking man with a woman that looked more like his elder sister rather than his wife. That picture brought the memory of a pastor I lived with in the same building while growing up. It just seemed to me that the wife was taking her physical appearance for granted because she was married to a pastor. She was putting on needless weight and wasn’t taking good care of herself physically.

Some spouses are ‘using’ Christianity as an excuse to let themselves go physically. After all, it does not matter how they look, they think their spouses can’t cheat and separation or divorce is not an option if their spouses want to maintain their Christian testimonies or continue in the ministry! I’ve heard 1Pet. 3:3-4, being misinterpreted to mean that Christian women should only concern themselves with inner beauty and not outward appearance. That is not true!

Spirituality is not synonymous to not exercising, having a healthy diet and wearing fitting clothes to improve one’s overall physical appearance! “For bodily exercise profits a little…” 1Tim.4:8.

But thank God for that ‘little’!

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