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Be a Sucker for Books.

No apologies for this: No Christian can grow spiritually or professionally as he/she should if the Bible is the ONLY book he/she reads!

On the other hand are Christian professionals who read all manner of books except the Bible! Daniel, a government official, became God’s prophetic voice. But how? “…I, Daniel, understood from the sacred books…” Dan.9:2.

In my opinion, books, with the Bible as the core, should be everyone’s constant companion. You should have them on your devices, in your handbags, cars, office drawers and of course, in your home! However,

• Don’t join the bandwagon of those who read for an ego boost. They claim to read 120 books in a year(really?). A goal of two books per month is more realistic.

• Don’t yield to the temptation of buying only popular authors just to be seen as a ‘trendy reader’. Buy and read authors that ‘speak’ to you and your situation-authors whose writings ‘get’ you.

• Diversify your reading interest. I know this may seem to be in divergence to being a focused reader. But it pays to know something about everything, no matter how ‘little’ the knowledge. Dr. Ben Carson’s interest in music got him into John Hopkins.

• Have books you read for relaxation. Books that make you laugh.

Be intentional about your self development strategy.

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