Do you like to think

Do you like to think?⠀
Only thy restless heart keep still,⠀
And wait in cheerful hope, content.⠀
To take whate’er His gracious will,⠀
His all-discerning love, hath sent;⠀
Nor doubt our inmost wants are known,⠀
To Him who chose us for his own.⠀
Georg Neumark⠀

How often do we look forward to thinking?⠀

Just thinking.⠀

Allowing our minds wander in thought, asking difficult questions or just circling on an issue mentally⠀
until we find the answers that suit us? How many times do we look forward to roaming the abyss in⠀
search of answers which we often do not find?⠀
That is how we often consider Lent.⠀
Lent means to lend – contribute or give away with the hope of getting it back. Lent in official terms⠀
refers to a season (of about 46 days or 40 spiritually active days) where Christians observe fasting⠀
and prayers from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. We will delve into the meanings and liturgy a bit⠀

Now, back to thinking.⠀

We think because most times, we are convinced that there are answers out there, somewhere. We⠀
only perhaps need to figure them out; weigh all sides and options. So, we give out our hearts and⠀
minds; suspend them for a period hoping they return with answers. We hope they come back⠀
different, lighter and empowered with direction.⠀
As we begin the biggest season in the global Christian community; why not lend your heart for a few⠀
weeks to thinking, listening and conversing with your Creator?⠀
Why not let go and risk getting it back with answers, less burden and light by Easter?⠀
It begins with a simple answer…⠀
Are you ready to give it some thought?⠀

Reference: Psalm 27: 1, Psalm 136, Job 40: 1-2.⠀

1. Why I’m I here and where am I headed?⠀
2. What I’m I grateful for and what’s on my mind?⠀
3. Walk away from all those weighty thoughts…to hell with the answers!

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