A life of Reflection⠀

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful. While we live our lives daily, it is expedient we initiate our minds on deep synergy with our actions. ⠀

This is Reflection. There is no such thing as care-free life. Unfortunately, what we see as care-free life is simply a neglect of reflection. When we reflect, we’re simply pondering and considering deeply something that occurred that we might not otherwise have given much thought and attention to, how it happened and, in some cases, the effect it had on us. This helps greatly in our learning process⠀
A deep point of reflection comes by our analysis of how we’ve lived our lives and are still living. How far we’ve come and on whose capacity we have achieved all that we have and are today. ⠀
According to 2 Corinthians. 15:10, Paul stated that he is all he is only by God’s grace. This conclusion came from a reflection point where he realized that all he is but by the grace of God.⠀
When we reflect over our lives generally, we’ll come to understand that there are things that didn’t just happen by accident or coincidence which we must acknowledge and be grateful for.⠀
Opportunities are protected and valued when they are viewed from the mirror of reflection. You will understand that you were probably not preferred over that job because you’re the best and others are not.⠀
A life of gratitude can only come to those who are deliberately reflective of their lives. ⠀
Is there anything in our lives that we should ponder over? How about those deliverances? Those breakthroughs and even some unusual miracles we’ve all experienced? Or you think it is your intelligence that gave you those victories? Come on!!!⠀

Take out time in this season of lent and ask yourself some questions about your existence and you’ll find every reason to appreciate life more than before.⠀
Reflection teaches us to number our days and value every breath…⠀

Scriptural References⠀
• Proverb. 4:23 (GNT)⠀

• What and what do you consider as a function of God’s grace on your life?⠀

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