Simple ways to stay focused on Christ⠀ ⠀

The greatest satisfaction comes from acknowledging that Christ is the source of all things and living in the glory of His finished works on the cross.⠀
Does our quest for a good life distract us from the love of Christ?⠀

So many persons usually get confused and mix a lot of things up about our quest for materialism on whether it negates our faith and focus in Christ. Firstly, we need to understand that God’s desire for us all is for good and not evil and so good life in this context, is God’s will for us too.⠀
It is fine to acquire the good things of life but when it begins to form a priority against our focus on Christ, then it becomes a problem. This is the part that distracts us from Christ.⠀

To focus is to direct one’s attention or concentrate on something. If we are focused on Christ, then He has our attention; we are concentrating on Him and His word; He occupies the forefront of our minds. ⠀
We often live our lives to satisfy ourselves and generally assert that we offer all of it to God; yet he does not have all of our attention.⠀

To keep our whole focus on Christ, below are some practical steps that will help us achieve that;⠀

Firstly, we must recognize the need for Christ in our lives and ultimately believe with all our heart that God is the source of all good things. It begins with our sincere acknowledgement of the supremacy of God in our lives. When we live in this consciousness, it’ll sustain our gaze on Christ. ⠀

Secondly is committing to reading the Bible. When we study the word of God daily and consistently, our attention is drawn again and again to Christ. To focus on the word of God is to have the Son of God brought more and more into focus.⠀

Thirdly is to build up a prayer life. Communication in every relationship is vital. Our relationship with God is made stronger with our consistent communication with Him. As we speak to God regularly, we will naturally be more focused on Him. ⠀

Scriptural References⠀
Matt. 22:37, Hebrews. 12:2 ⠀

If God doesn’t give you a reason to praise Him, would you still focus on Him?⠀

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