Song Of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi) – by Judikay




{Ndimozi Bi nigwe
Anasi Halleluyah
Anasi Halleluyah
Jehovah Omeliwo
Omeliwo} [x2]

[Chorus Translation]
The Angels in Heaven
Sing Halleluyah
Sing Halleluyah

Jehovah overcame !!!

[Verse 1]
{Glory, Honor, Power
To the one who reigns forever
Amen, Amen
Blessings and the praise
To the lamb of God
Forever Amen} [x2]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Why won’t I shout your praise
Who won’t serve
A father like you
Ojuru el’igwe j’uwa, j’uwa Oh
Why won’t I jump and shout
Who won’t love
A father like you oh
Oyoyo chim’oma
(Chim’oma, Chim’oma, Chim’oma)

[Verse 3]
Why won’t I shout your praise o
Who won’t serve
A father like you
Oyoyo oyoyo chim, chim, chimo
Why won’t I sing for joy oh
Who won’t love a father like you
Reign king Jesus reign
Agu agu agu

Ndimozi Bi nigwe
Ndimozi Bi nenigwe
Anasi Halleluyah
Agu Neche Obodo
Oh, oh, oh, Omeliwo, oh

[Repeat Chorus]

♪♪ Speaking In Tongues ♪♪

(Omeliwo) [Loop]

♪♪ Prophesying ♪♪

(Omeliwo) [Loop]

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