Hello Dear Friend,

Just like Change, Disruption is the Certain factor in our lives……

As it is evident –
We are in a deep season of Change and complex disruptions across the nations and the economies of the Earth at this time….

As end-time believers, We need to develop Capabilities, Spiritual Insights and Heavenly Wisdom; higher and faster than the rates of change and disruptions in our environments….so that we can fulfill divine mandates in times and seasons like these….

Pastor(Mrs) Kehinde Kamson moved with the direction of Disruption and the wind of Change when she decided not to practice as a qualified, seasoned chattered accountant – despite her colleagues and associates taking up juicy career offers as CFOs and Directors of Finance in different sectors of the economy.

She embraced the “lower choice” of being a “non attractive” economic sector at the time….

To many of her friends,associates and colleagues…..
It was a non comprehensible anticlimax of sorts…..

Today, the divine inspiration for Disruption has paid off in series of successful business entities and significant humanitarian work evidenced by changed lives to the glory of the Lord Jesus!

Join us in this service as we X-Ray this unique Apostolic Journey and the Lessons in the School of Divine Disruptions

See you in service…..

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