The Race, Jackson Ekwugum

In The Race: Discovering and Following God’s Plan for Your Life, author Jackson Ekwugum offers heavenly insight into the race of Christian life, what it takes to run, and how to overcome the inevitable setbacks to win the prize.

The biblical illustrations and real-life examples in this book will help you to:
– Discover and prepare for each of the three stages of the Christian race.
– Know the seven tests every Christian must face.
– Understand the sacredness of “secular” work.
– Learn the importance of following God’s plan for your life.
– Avoid the traps of the enemy.
– Make your life count for eternity.
Whether you are called to serve in the business world or on the mission field, in an operating room or a classroom, The Race will equip you to complete the incredible journey set before you, fulfill your God-given destiny, and win the ultimate prize.

As we draw closer to the end of the year, why not finish the race with this book👌


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