Apostolic Journey

As we continue in our Apostolic Journey in navigating the waters of Prophetic Disruptions,

In this season, We host Yemi Faseun(YF) – Head of Human Resources at FBNQuest Merchant Bank….

YF has experienced several disruptions in his career over the years as he navigated across industries in his professional life..

As a believer, he experienced seismic disruptions in his career that were deep and profound that led to significant career Distinctions down the line…..

The Disruptions became his personal spiritual classroom were he experienced first hand lectures that gave the building blocks to the “Excellent Spirit” manifestations in his career that distinguished him amidst peers and colleagues…..

By Divine Inspiration and open simplicity, YF will impart the lessons he learnt (particularly the deep ones) he learnt in the school of disruptions…..

These body of Spiritual insights are capable of creating spiritual advantage by accelerating the growth of anyone who chooses to embrace them….

Make sure you invite a friend along…..

See You in Service

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