Saturday 7th December, 2019

Theme: The Christian Food

Passage: John 4:27-38

Tired, thirsty and hungry, Jesus had to take a rest at a well of water while His disciples went out for food. When they returned they met Jesus talking with a Samaritan woman something highly culturally forbidden between a Jew and a Samaritan. But what surprised them was what satisfied Jesus’ thirst and hunger as He was not worried about the food any more. They thought perhaps that Jesus had eaten food before they returned. But He never had any physical food. Rather, it was the evangelical work He was carrying out that made Him regain His strength. He told to His disciples that He had eaten the food which they did not know. What a surprise! That food is the “Perfect will of God.” Verse 34, says, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to accomplish His work.”

Many Christians only know physical food and material possession as what satisfies thirst, hunger tiredness and other human needs, ignoring the actual energizer and satisfier, whereas Christian food should be the doing of God’s work according to His perfect will and accomplishing it.

The question is: have you discovered your own God-assigned responsibility which you should fulfill? Every Christian should stop seeking only for material and physical means of quenching and satisfying thirst and hunger but seek the spiritual food which is doing and bringing one’s God-assigned responsibility unto accomplishment.

MEMORY VERSE: John 4:33-34 “Has any one brought him food?” Jesus in answer to their querulous thoughts said to them. “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish His work”.

HYMN: MHB – 578 A CHARGE to keep I have,

PRAYER: My Father and God, as You fed the Israelites the food of heavenly angels in the wilderness, please feed me daily with the bread of heaven in Jesus’ name. Amen.

READ: Day -Luke 6; Night -Ezekiel 42-44

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