Sunday 8th December, 2019

Theme: Christian In The Storm

Passage: Matthew 8:23-27

The Christian faith is that in which storms are inevitable. In this passage, Jesus was the first to get into the ship and His disciples followed. Still the deadly storm arose against them in the ship or a deck boat, not an open one. The presence of Jesus neither stopped nor averted the storm. It was neither because of the sin of the disciples nor any occupant of the boat, instead, it was a natural occurrence. If the storm had another spiritual connotation, it is not the concern here but the fact that the storm arose against the boat in which Jesus and disciples were sailing. Jesus surely knew that Satan was the author or cause of the storm to destroy Him and His disciples so He arose to rebuke it.

Therefore, in the Christian faith, storms or challenges of life do not always come as a result of sin or weakness but it is normal as part of one’s Christian life. As long as one is still here on earth, storms of life are inevitable.

Jesus expected His disciples to command the storm to cease, but possibly out of fear, they ran to Jesus who rebuked them, calling them ‘men of little faith’ because He knew that with faith they also had the spiritual capacity to stop the storm.

Christians should always exhibit faith and command whatever storm of life that comes their ways. We should be bold enough, as children of God and co-heirs of Jesus Christ to stop any storm or challenges facing us, and it has no other option than to cease.

MEMORY VERSE: Matthew 8:25, “Then His disciples came to Him and awoke Him, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!”

HYMN: MHB 821 – STAND up, stand up for Jesus!

PRAYER: Lord, may I have the grace and boldness to exercise my right as a Christian and I pray that you grant us victory whenever we are faced with any of life’s challenges.

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