Saturday 14th December 2019

Theme: Seek Divine Instruction

Passage: Judges 13:8-14

One of the major problems of many Christians is that we find it difficult to seek divine instruction and even when the instruction comes, maybe through a man of God, we find it difficult to adhere to it. We decide to do it our own way. Remember the story of David and his men in 1Samuel 30, David inquired of the Lord whether to pursue the Amalekites and God gave him the green light. Compare this to what happened in 1 Samuel 28 and the result in 1Samuel 31:1-5. You come to an understanding that it is right to seek for divine instruction in all our endeavours.

The passage under consideration today is about the divine instructions that the parents of Samson received before his birth. The angel of God had appeared to Manoah’s, barren wife, and given her instructions concerning the birth of Samson. The woman reported her experience to her husband who needed confirmation and clearer divine instruction. He prayed to the Lord for the messenger to come back. The angel of God appeared the second time and gave them every instruction they required for the birth of the child Samson and they were instructed to strictly abide by them.

Do you seek divine instruction before you do anything? Make a decision that starting from this day you will never do anything without knowing the will of God. Before you enter into business, embark on a journey, choose a course of study in the university, go into marriage, embark on building project, etc. make it a point of duty to ask God for direction. God is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-wise! You can get divine instructions from God’s word, by prayers, through sincere and honest servants of God, the wisdom of parents, circumstances and experience.

Again, it is one thing to seek for divine instruction; another thing is to obey when it is received. Deuteronomy 28:2 tells us that if we obey God’s instruction, we will be blessed. So why not try it today and you will never regret it.

MEMORY VERSE: Judges 13:12 “Then Manoah said, “Now then when your words come true, what must the boy do? What kind of a life must he lead?

HYMN: MHB 622 – Show me the way O Lord and make it plain.

PRAYER: O Lord, help me to seek Your approval before doing anything and give me the grace to obey such instructions no matter how hard or unpleasant it may be in Jesus name. Amen.

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