PASSAGE: LUKE 17:11-19

HYMN: MHB 1 – O FOR a thousand tongues to sing

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 107:8 “Oh that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness”.


The word “grateful” means, “feeling or showing gratitude”. It is an attitude every Christian must possess and exhibit. When God or anyone offers you assistance, gifts or favour, you are expected to show gratitude to prove you are really grateful for what has been done for you. Did you thank God for allowing you to see the end of January?

In today’s text, ten lepers in Samaria sought divine healing from Jesus and He had mercy on them by healing them. Although they were not physically healed instantly, Jesus commanded them to go and show themselves to the priests. It was, perhaps, while they were going to show themselves to the priests that they discovered they had been healed physically from their leprosy.

Lepers were isolated people from the general society and barred from interacting with healthy people. It was a stigma of great pain.

When these lepers saw that they had been healed, the joy they felt made them rushed into the city. But one of them felt the urge to show his gratitude first to the One who healed them. He came back to Jesus and fell down at His feet, giving thanks with a loud voice.

To whom do you give the first appreciation and thanksgiving when you have a financial breakthrough? Was it the man who bailed you out or God who made it possible? When you came out of that specialist hospital, was it the doctor you appreciated first or God? Have you not heard doctors saying that “Doctors treat but God heals”? When you passed that examination, did you remember to give God the praise? You must learn to appreciate every good thing done to you, especially the gift of life.

PRAYER: Almighty God, I appreciate You for all Your care, love and favour. Grant me the grace to remain grateful for all Your goodness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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