LENT REFLECTION DAY 1: Worrying or Reflecting

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action”.

Peter Drucker

There’s a huge disparity between worrying and reflection. We often worry about issues thinking that we’re reflecting on them. Lol.

I’ve been there too.

Getting worked-out or disturbed over an issue does not mean you’re even thinking about a solution for it. Even though worry and reflection all take a similar thinking process, their outcomes are quite different and the results thereafter. 

Reflection evaluates and seeks to review a situation with the view to establishing a disparity in advancement. In essence, when you’re reflecting, you’re cross-examining the past or a deed with the present or intent or the future. This is where we ask certain questions like “Does my past have any effect on my future?”

When you’re pondering over that issue, is it to provide a solution to it or are you just randomly distressed over it? 

A few nights ago, my spiritual mother called me on the phone and asked me if my dad was sick like she just called me to ask me about my father’s health and I replied: “He’s fine”. She told me to pray, she said I should pray against the spirit of death, strange sickness etc. 

At around 11:45 pm at night, after a long day at the office; such news is enough to make one worried and of course distressed, but what did I do? I turned my ‘worry to worship’. I expressed absolute confidence in God irrespective of what was going around me.


A soft truth from the Lord is better than a loud lie from the devil. Refuse it! The devil wants us to focus on our circumstances, Jesus wants us to pay attention to His truth. Any idea or result generated by worries and anxiety is never rooted. Reflection does not only produce a better life; it creates a sustainable platform upon which all thoughts will rest on. 


When we worry over certain things, we’re only painting a picture of hopelessness in that situation but when we reflect over it, we’re simply not giving up, rather we live in the mindset of the scripture that says “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” (Phil. 4:19)


Reflection infuses hope into its subject. This implies that whatever reflection undertakes, it sure will put life into it. There’s never hopelessness with reflection. When we reflect, we are initiating our minds to the process of change but when we worry we end up stressing our minds unnecessarily and consequently, put it in an unproductive state. 

Would you rather reflect on that situation than worry about it? 


Worries blur the voice of God to us. You can only hear the devil’s advice when you worry. Reflection opens up a dialogue platform between you and God and you don’t struggle to hear Him. He speaks, you hear and talk back to Him.


Reflecting on the ultimate prize God paid for mankind by sending His only son is different from worrying over the sins you perhaps committed. God’s will for us is not to worry but to reflect and dwell on His unending love for us. 


As we take time this season to ponder on God’s love for mankind, is there anything you’re worried about? It is time to bring it to Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. 


Scriptural Reference

1 Peter. 5:7



  • How often do you pray then worry and complain about the issues facing you?
  • Can you remember the last situation that got you so worried?  Please Pray about it now!

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