“If you only pray when you’re in trouble, then you’re in trouble”.

                            John Bunyan


Sometimes I sat for an exam, and as usual, in Nigerian universities, the lecturers like to repeat past questions. So I prepared for the exam with Past questions, areas of concentration, etc. When the question paper came in, I was so excited, all the questions I tackled while preparing were repeated. I didn’t bother reading the instructions,  I just began to write and write and the answers kept flowing.

A few months later, the result came out. I saw my script and the lecturer boldly wrote” Good attempt, but why didn’t you follow my instructions?” Whoosh!!


How would you feel?


This can be likened to our prayer life. Praying correctly or incorrectly.


This is one section of prayer that has left so many in confusion. People spend their time in what they see in their own light as prayer and at the tail end realized that their supplications are either unanswered or rather taking too much time. 


Yes, we pray but do we approach it the right way? Or do we just make empty and baseless utterances?


Most prayers of the saints are ineffective – never reaching a peripheral target. The majority of our intercession is impotent – falling short of the desired mark. One reason for powerless and impotent prayer is not necessarily not confessing sins as some Christians perceive. It is because most of the prayers are not done in accordance with God’s will.

The word of God provides notable references for all our desires. We are complete in Him and so we must make our requests in line with what His word says. 


Praying aright simply means praying within the jurisdiction of the word of God. The word of God is like our spiritual constitution upon which the actions and activities of every Christian are dependent on and so whatever and however we operate, prayers inclusive, is considered aright if it is in line with that constitution. 


To begin with, ask yourself what the word of God says concerning that your demand and how it is being addressed in the word of God. This is one of the easiest ways to get your answers.


Scriptural References: Psalm 107:28-30, John 14:13-14


Pray with Kvibes: 


  • I judge your word as the final authority in my life. I submit every contradiction.


  • Father, help me not to represent a Jesus I do not know.

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