A day without prayer is a day without blessing, and a life without prayer is a life without power.

Edwin Harvey


You cannot use a certain kingdom’s currency to make transactions in another country or use the constitutions of your own country to operate in another country.


Every financial institution has made banking easier for its customers, such that they do not always have to physically come to the bank to get their money. All they need to do is to connect virtually through a system that only understands one language – a code – or through the use of a card. For this to happen, a 4digit password is required. The password is the only access to withdrawals from the machine, without such, the customer can only desire and not receive. This is how the believer’s life is designed. The veil has been removed, no more limitations, we now have access to the Father but a password is required – Prayer. 


The Bible is the kingdom’s constitution and so when coming to see the King, one must come in a manner that He understands and that is found in His word. Some people think their answers come faster when they spend more time in prayers. The length of one’s prayers does not amount to effectiveness, neither do short prayers amount to ineffectiveness. 


Understanding what God’s word says in every season concerning an issue and aligning your will with that insight and revelation is the easiest way to get your answers.


In spite of an understanding of the currency of transaction, a clear knowledge of the product or service determines the exchange. 


Even though prayers are the currency for kingdom exchanges, one must understand the expected outcome or testimony and follow through accordingly, from start to finish.


Scriptural References: James 4:3, Psalm 145:18


Pray with KVibes: 



  • Oh, Lord! Like curtains, let the scriptures be opened unto me. 




  • Help me to understand that my life is dependent on the level of fellowship I engage in with you in the place of prayer.



  • Father, let the hunger to commune with you well up so much inside me.

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