PRAYER: On Bended Knees

“When life gets too hard to stand, kneel”.

Many of us have heard someone say “I want to be close to God” or “I feel far from Jesus.” We, have sometimes, made those statements ourselves. This is because a lot of us have been led to believe our relationship with God is based on proximity – a sliding scale of near and far, based on our devotion to Him. God lives in us and so He’s always with us. 


A young boy once asked his father: “How big is an aeroplane?” The father looked at Him smiled and pointed at an aeroplane flying in the sky and asked what do you think? The boy replied “Small”. Then he took Him straight to an airport and asked again “How big is the plane now?”. The boy screamed and said “Wow! The plane is very big.”


This is exactly how our relationship with God can be. The farther we are from Him, the less of His hands would be replicated in our life. But the closer we are to Him, the bigger He’ll be in our life. 


If God stays far from you, you won’t have the life you have, and so quiet the thoughts. 


Our relationship with God should be like people in a dating relationship. The frequent calls, date nights, romantic texts., etc. We should be able to feel the bond and intimacy. The same energy we put into anything that is of importance to us should also be applied to our relationship with God.


God desires that we relate as bride and groom in intimacy and fervent communication and that can be achieved in the place of prayer. Give God the time you have not the time you have left. Give him your all. Do not hold back.


The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. Prayer is powerful and you need to remember that the words uttered in prayer have wonder-working powers. The Devil is constantly trying to discourage us, demoralize us and weaken our faith in God, but when we pray, we possess the capacity of God at work. 


As Christians, God has given us all that pertains to life and godliness but most of these can only be accessed in the place of prayer. Through prayer, our strength is renewed, our passion for the kingdom re-ignited and our faces shine with the radiance of God. 


The devil tries his best to restrict believers from praying because he believes in our prayer, even more than we do. He also knows that there’s so much power on bended knees.

If there’s a man to pray, there’s certainly a God to answer.

That testimony is only a prayer away!

Scriptural Reference: Jeremiah 29:12, Mark 11:24, Psalm 17:6

Pray with Kvibes: 


  • May today mark the beginning of a covenant relationship to which I wake up every morning.
  • May I find my answers in you. Please find your witness in me.


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