THEME: God Never Answers Evil Doers
PASSAGE: Job 35:1-16
HYMN: MHB 338 – RESCUE the perishing
MEMORY VERSE: Job 35:12 “There they cry out, but He does not answer, because of the pride of the evil men.”
In today’s passage, we see how some so-called friends compound Job’s problem instead of alleviating it. Elihu called Job an evildoer when Job wasn’t. None of Job and his friends knew the reason for Job’s travails except God.
In the chapter, Elihu continued his response of chapter 34 to Job. He believed that Job was in error, and he did not hesitate to tell Job what he thought. He premised his argument in the light of the fact that Job supposedly questioned what profit there was in living a righteous life (Job 35:3). Job certainly had questioned why the wicked prospered while the righteous suffer. For Elihu, the fact that Job would even question the profitability of righteousness was an indication that he was not living right with the Lord.
Elihu claimed that by questioning God, Job was actually saying that God was unjust. He felt that Job was multiplying words but was not speaking with any wisdom at all. Elihu’s thought and words against Job misrepresented Job because he was not an evildoer. However, Elihu was right to have said God never answer evildoers.
It is only natural for people to seek relief from their pain and suffering. These same individuals, however, were more concerned about being set free from their pain than they were seeking God in their pain. Though they cried out to God for deliverance, they did not receive that deliverance because they were not only arrogant and wicked but they were also evildoers (Job 35:12). They only wanted relief from their problems; they did not want God.
PRAYER: My Lord and my Maker, I come before You with a penitent heart. Cleanse me of every iota of evil thought and deed today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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