Yesterday was totally amazing! We obviously have not recovered from such an amazing outpour of the spirit.

Today, we would be spending time in the presence of the father.

Bring out your sticky note, pay attention to all instructions given. Focus. 

Pray with Kvibes:

I’ve come to you Waymaker, Rainmaker. I’ve come to you Prophesy Fulfiller, God of the angel armies, Counsellor of Kings, the Song of the morning, Son of righteousness, with whom there’s healing in His wings, King of all nations.


I have come to your truth and the end of myself. I’ve come to your word that makes men whole. Your word that assures me of the future. I judge your word as the final authority in my life.


I repent of replacing worship with a religious routine that did not come from my heart.

I repent of thinking what people will say if I followed you headlong on the unpopular pathway.


Let your purpose be exalted over every desire in my heart.

Capture me with hunger pangs for you.

Let me heartburn like a holy flame in the nations of the earth.

Lead me on a journey in you, cause me to sow seeds that would open me up to a relationship with you.


Show me things I have never known

Take me places I’ve never been 


Be the highest reality in my life.

Help me to listen to your voice and not the noise of my generation.

Help me see what you’re saying,

Help me understand what you’re doing.


Take me out of everything that does do not glorify you.


Let the refiner’s fire burn in me


I embrace what the cross has done for me.


I am a Jesus in my Generation.




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