#COVID-19 Spiritual Advisory: STAY AT HOME, BUT STAY WITH GOD.

One of our favourite passages in the Bible is 2 Kings 4:1-7. It tells the story of a widow that’s in debt with two kids. Confused and unsure of what to do, she sunk to her lowest point. It was at this time that she remembered that there was a prophet living in Israel. Quickly, she went to Elisha – one of God’s prophets – to get a word from God for her situation. What we love most is that when she told the prophet Elisha her problem, he simply said first, “how can I help you? What do YOU have in YOUR house?” Some may read it as Elisha greeting her like, “Hi, how may I help you?” But no, we believe Elisha is saying HE could not help her, but whatever SHE had in HER own HOME was the solution to her problem. 

She told Elisha she didn’t have anything, but a small jar of oil. She downplayed the very thing that had INCREASE & DELIVERANCE attached to it! Her ‘small’ anointing that resided with her home! The story and revelation go much deeper but needless to say, when Elisha told her to collect jars (and he specifically said not only a few) from all her neighbours, go into her home, close the door (quarantine) and pour from that small amount of oil to fill all the jars, she ran out of JARS before she ran out of OIL!!! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a ‘stay at home’ order from lots of countries including Nigeria and we believe half of the world is looking at being at home as a bad thing, yet you’ve been praying that God shows you His will for your life. Some of you have realized that your job really doesn’t care about your livelihood and this is a wake-up call that you’ve been sleeping on and downplaying is the anointing that resides within YOU! God has called you into temporary isolation, not for you to be bored but so that you can see His glory manifest right in the midst of your home! When you’re busy you can’t hear Him, but when you’re still, in alignment and empty, He can instruct! The widow said she had only a jar of oil, which means her home was now empty at this point. Every resource to profit off was gone, moved out the way. All she had was her small jar of oil. So, will you come out of this social distancing season fired up and ready to go? Running with better clarity and direction for the rest of the year? Or will you come out just glad that you’re no longer at home bored? We challenge you to close your doors against COVID-19 and open your hearts to Jesus.

Consecrate yourself, first. I can bet something amazing will manifest.

We are aware of the recent ban by many State Governments in Nigeria and of religious gatherings of over 50 people. With church doors shutting down all over, it’s time for us to show that the church is and has never been the building.

The church is us

The times really seem uncertain, but one thing is sure, God is for us, we can trust Him.

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