GRATITUDE: Count Your Blessings

Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor costly.

It is as abundant as air.

We breathe it in but forget to exhale it

                        Marshall Goldsmith


What are you thankful for??? Pause and Ponder!

Do you actually consider the gift of life enough reason to be thankful? Or you probably think it is normal to sleep and wake strong?

Every moment offers an opportunity for thanksgiving. And every Thank you can return you to the present, reminding you of the hope ahead.


Well, you might think life’s unfair but how about your existence? Do you regard it to be unfair too? Then you might as well put your breath to sale.


For when we gladly eat our daily bread, we bless the Hand that feeds us.

And when we tread the road of Life in cheerfulness, our heart-beats praise the one that leads us.


Do you give thanks for everything or just the big things?


Making big things happen and crafting more daily joy is not found in millions of dollars or rather in making mansions count, it is found in those moments you simply acknowledge the small and momentous leaps you’ve made and be thankful for them.


Excuse me! Do you ever even think of people that put smiles on your face? How often do you realize their importance and feel the need to appreciate them?


As the lent period is taking a toll, what do you dedicate your thoughts to? The businesses that did not work? The land you could not acquire? Or that car you’ve always dreamt of but have not gotten?


Why get so worried about what you can’t change or control, forgetting to acknowledge that your skills, competence or even intelligence never contributed to your creation. 


My thought; if only oxygen was a commodity, how much do you have to procure for a lifetime? Funny right? But that is simply the peak of gratitude.


For just a moment, quit dwelling, overanalyzing and worrying about those limitations and all those things you could not get. Pursuing solutions from a point of desperation and fear will only prepare you a recipe for disaster. So why WORRY when GRATITUDE can take care of it?


Turn that heat of pressure down by one or two degrees with a simple word of gratitude.


Startup a gratitude journal today. 


Note out your successes and be thankful for them.


Scriptural Reference: Psalm. 107:1, Psalm. 69:30




  • Take a moment and note just one thing to be grateful for.
  • Does God deserve your gratitude?


  • In what ways do you connect with your maker? Grumbling or Gratitude

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