THEME: The Word of Spirit and Life

PASSAGE: John 6:60-71

HYMN: MHB 421- I AM so glad that our Father in heaven

MEMORY VERSE: John 6:63a “It is the Spirit Who quickens, the flesh profits nothing.”


We may wonder why the words of Jesus caused many of His followers to desert Him in the passage. It could be because of the following:

1. He emphasized faith;
2. His teachings were difficult to understand, and some of His words seemed offensive;
3. He refused to grant their self-centred requests; and
4. They might have realized that He wasn’t the conquering Messiah –King they expected.

There is no middle ground with Jesus. The more people heard Jesus speak, the more they divided into two camps – the honest seekers who wanted to understand more and those who rejected Jesus because they didn’t like what Jesus said.

The Holy Spirit gives spiritual life. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, we cannot even see our need for a new life. Every spiritual renewal begins and ends with God. He reveals the truth to us, lives within us, and then enables us to respond to the truth.

When Jesus asked the twelve disciples if they, too, would leave, Peter answered “Lord, to whom is the truth?” It is therefore sad and unfortunate that some Christians still go back to the world like Alexander and Demas (2Tim.4:10) after small trials, thereby allowing Satan to buffet them the more.

What is your position at the moment? Do you stay with God or seek help elsewhere? There is no other way; Jesus is the Door and the Way to eternal life. Other ways lead to eternal doom. In Rev. 22:13 Jesus says “I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” Be with Him always.

PRAYER: Teach me Your Word always, O Lord, so that my ways will be guided by You.

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