May 24 is a special day in Christian History. It was the start of one of the greatest and most vibrant ministries in the faith – one that tore through walls of church tradition, challenged the establishment and sailed across many seas and oceans to many countries and regions – to deliver the undiluted word of God hinged on a personal experience by a simple man. A man named John Wesley.

To commemorate the 2020 Wesley Day (i.e. John Wesley’s Encounter at Aldersgate Street, London in 1738); The Aldersgate Experience will hold on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 6pm with a Guest Speaker; Bishop, Rt. Revd. O. O. Babalola.

Please join us for an evening of clarifying conversations about faith and living with a theologian and faith scholar. To receive the login link, please register here:

We look forward to your thoughts and contributions about ‘Wesleyan Values and Today’s Christians’ in an era of #COVID19. Are our methods no longer trusted? Are they failing? Do we still feel our hearts strangely warmed by the love of Christ?

Find out on Aldersgate Day!

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