THEME: When Falsehood Reigns
PASSAGE: Jeremiah 5:1-28
HYMN: MHB 597- TEACH me, my God and King
MEMORY VERSE: Jeremiah. 5:27 “Like a basket full of birds their houses are full of treachery, therefore, they have become great and rich.”
In our text today, God was very angry with Judah and Jerusalem because of their sins. Not even one person was blameless! All the people were sinners. They rejected the truth, impervious to reason and were ignorant of God’s ways, lied against God, oppressed the poor, and swore by idols, polluted God’s Sabbath, and they showed no remorse!
Therefore, Prophet Jeremiah reproved their sinful life and declared God’s judgment on His people. God expressed His grievances through the Prophet to the people of Judah and Jerusalem. Falsehood, recalcitrant attitude, deceitfulness, exploitation, extortion, oppression of the downtrodden, idolatry, adultery, lack of fear of God, deviant and rebellious attitude were found among the Israelites and God warned them against these.
As it was with Judah and Jerusalem, so it is with us today. Beloved people of God, are we better than the Israelites in this passage? Let us do away with every sin and come closer to God. If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, what should He do with us? Let us do away with falsehood and corruption in our lives, in our families and community. Let us teach our children and all others to always speak the truth, for, by doing so it will be eradicated in our community and it will attract more blessings from God. Do not allow falsehood to reign in your life and your family even in your community.
In Christ Jesus lies strength for true morality and righteousness; in the Holy Spirit lies the power of God for inner transformation and revitalisation of society. Sin and corruption could bow to the power of the gospel.
I felt very bad recently when a man said that corruption should be taught in schools because “It makes life easier and things better!” Corruption and falsehood are like cancer which kills if not removed early enough. Our nation is where it is today because of these vices. Let us do away with them and God will smile at us.
PRAYER: Merciful and compassionate God, have mercy on us and our nation and don’t allow our nation to be destroyed by sin in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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