“Grrrr,” my phone chimed.

“Who is calling me at this ungodly hour, ” I complained bitterly.

It was 1 a.m. I had been battling a severe case of insomnia for weeks and I had only managed to sleep for a while when the call disrupted my peace. I deliberated on whether or not to answer the call and eventually made up my mind when the phone rang persistently. A cursory gaze at the screen revealed that it was my best friend who resided with her husband in Brazil. I was worried because she had always known about the 4-hour difference in time zones and had timed her calls accordingly.

“Babe.” She whispered.

Now I knew for sure that something was definitely wrong. My friend never starts her call with “babe.” 

She most definitely never whispers too. Alana was definitely a lively and bubbly person and you only need to hear her speak once to be truly convinced.

“What’s up?” I replied.

“How’s the baby? How’s your husband?” I fired in quick succession.

And then the tears came pouring in. In between long silences punctured only by the frequent teary outburst, I found that Alana had a severe case of the Zika virus- a disease most dangerous for pregnant women due to the risk of birth defects as severe as microcephaly. If she kept the baby, there was a big chance it was going to have a small head, underdeveloped brain and rely on 24/7 care. She was advised to terminate the pregnancy to prevent such a gruesome fate for her baby. But that wasn’t the dilemma. No. Alana had just given her life to Christ and she was dedicated to following the principles and commandments as stipulated in the Bible, one of which is the commandment ‘thou shalt not kill.’

Suffice to say she went on with the procedure but she came out of it a changed person with a wider outlook on life, biblical injunctions and God’s dictates especially on issues not sufficiently covered in the Bible.

Now each time I speak to her, I still hear that self-condemnation. I hear that parallel comparison she makes between the circumstances that made her abort her baby and that which causes a young, unmarried woman to abort her child.

And each time I try to reassure her, she reminds me that murder is murder and marriage does not diminish the gravity of her sin.

And while I pray daily for her. Oh God, I do! I’m confronted with the hypocritical nature of some of our decisions. I’m forced to rethink what I thought. I’m forced to ask questions and seek answers to situations I have otherwise not considered.

As Christians, do certain circumstances absolve the sin of murder? What does the Bible truly say about abortion? Are there real-life situations that could make God bend his rules or commandments as it regards to abortion. Did Alana actually commit murder?

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