MONDAY JUNE 29, 2020
TEXT: EXODUS 33:1–23
HYMN: EMHB 698 ABIDE among us with Thy grace
MEMORY VERSE: Exodus 33:15 “And he said unto Him, If Thy presence goes not with me, carry us not up thence.”
Moses was earnest with God in prayer and he prevailed. He demanded the presence of God with the people. The Israelites were stubborn and stiff-necked people. God knew them better than they knew themselves. He knows what is in a man’s mind and nothing is more displeasing to Him than being stiff-necked. Even as parents and teachers, nothing in children is more offensive than stubbornness.
The stubbornness of the Israelites provoked God to declare that, He will deny them of what matters most, His presence (Exodus 33:3).
When the Lord calls for weeping and mourning, we must comply with the call and not only fast from pleasant bread, but lay aside our ornaments. The Lord is far from the wicked. Therefore, the glory of the Lord departed from the temple when it was polluted with sin (Ezekiel 10:4). Moses undertook to mediate between God and Israel. He went out to the tabernacle, the place of treaty. And the people were eager for reconciliation with God.
The presence of God in a believer’s life signifies light, over which darkness can never prevail; a wall of fire for protection; the manifestation of godly-righteousness; power over the kingdom of darkness; power; strength; glory; boldness; courage; mercy and the manifestation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, to mention a few. If these are not manifesting in your life, you need to submit yourself to God and ask Him to please remove the rebellious spirit from your life.
God has given us a ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18). Are you involved in reconciling sinners to Jesus Christ? The Israelites worshipped in their tent doors thereby declaring plainly that they were not ashamed to publicly show respect to God and Moses as a mark of repentance. Like St. Paul, we should not be ashamed of the gospel.
PRAYER: O Lord, deliver me from the spirit of stubbornness so that I will see Your glory. Amen.

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