THEME: Be Godly
PASSAGE: 1 Timothy 4:1–8
HYMN: MHB 820- WHO is on the Lord’s side?
MEMORY VERSE: 1Timothy 4: 7 “But reject profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise yourself toward godliness.”
Kingsley, though a Christian by birth, accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour while serving a term in prison. The prison chaplaincy had converted him in one of their programmes at the prison. Along with other inmates, who also gave their lives to Christ, he found peace in the scriptures and fellowship with other redeemed inmates and was able to grow in the faith. He testified of how the bad company he kept in the world landed him in trouble many times.
To practise godliness, which is the true religion, we need to be careful of the company we keep and issues in which we get ourselves involved.
In his first pastoral letter to young Pastor Timothy, Apostle Paul advised him in (1 Tim. 4:7) “exercise yourself toward godliness.” To exercise is to practise or learn by repetition a task performed in order to develop understanding. We receive instructions of godly conduct from God’s Word. When we engage in self-discipline by subjecting ourselves to the principles laid down in the scriptures for godly living, our attitudes in life and worship become godly. Discipline is required for modesty to rule every aspect of our lives. It must guide and control our actions and emotions.
Jesus Christ remains our role model in godly living for, “He was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin” (Heb. 4: 15). We must follow His footsteps so that we, in time, can serve as examples to others.
Kingsley has served his term and is now a free man, not only from prison but more importantly from the slave market of sin.
PRAYER: Lord, inspire and empower me by Your Spirit to be disciplined in body, soul and spirit.

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