SPECIAL PACKAGE: The place of Jazz in relationships.

A special package is a box that consists of products specially made based on a client’s request.”

The past week has seen the internet go agog with claims and counterclaims of the effectiveness of a so-called ‘Special Package.’ At first glance at the definition given by a popular vendor, we struggled to understand what the commotion was about but our initial indifference gave way to shock as we watched on. How did we get here? How is it that love meant to be enjoyed is now being manipulated? Greed has become the order of the day as it appears and true love has gone sour. Greed and selfish desires have become the new trend with people reaping where they didn’t sow. In the local parlance, The Devil is playing Ludo in different relationships and marriages. It also appears that believers who have been shown the manuscript and template of a godly relationship keep hitting the snooze button.  

Is no one manning the gates and has the fire bearers been extinguished?

Our gates are lying in ruins. The word of God meant to be a manual has become an old dusty book for car and shelf decorations. Satan restrategizing every day, destroying homes, diluting love

This is a wake-up call soldiers!!! We’ve had enough. It’s time to sack some devils out.

The question now is, who are you?? What are you made of?? Don’t you know that you are the special package of God, his special weapon of warfare, His battle axe (Jeremiah 51:20) used in pulling down the kingdom of hell?? We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a peculiar nation. We cannot afford to relax for the devil is like a roaring lion prowling and seeking whom to devour. 

You have an advantage over that “special package”. There’s no certainty to what you can get even after paying such a huge amount of money for the special package. The difference in the package is that you can’t predict the outcome of it, you’re not sure what #350,000 can get for you, but the package that we speak of,  the package that was bought with a bigger price and wrapped in human form. (Jesus Christ) is reliable. In Him, you’ll get a bonus package for subscription, Prayer Power. 

We don’t buy special packages. We ARE THE SPECIAL PACKAGE…

We are!!! We must fight back. A battle for the young. Our knees need to feel the hardness of the floor again. Unbox your package and use the different tools therein. Use it unapologetically.

We don’t fight FOR victory, we fight from the standpoint of victory. Now you see the reasons why you can’t just marry anyone? There’s a lot of work to do.

But we must first take our positions. We must clear the pathway for the journey ahead.

Always remember, you are a skilled Archer who never loses a target. Pick one of the items in your special package (Mighty arrow) and AIM.


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