THEME: More Than The Visible
PASSAGE: 2 Corinthians. 4:8-18
HYMN: MHB 535- FROM every stormy wind that blows
MEMORY VERSE: 2 Corinthians 4:12 “So then death worketh in us but life in you!”
In today’s devotional topic, Apostle Paul brilliantly played on words hard-pressed but not suffocated; puzzled but not baffled (as in wrestling); pursued not overtaken (as in races) and knocked down but not out (as in boxing.) True Christians should be like that in their journeys of life.
Apostle Paul here is admonishing us to see beyond the visible and circumstances surrounding us. Take a graphic picture of all you can see around you now. All are temporal. They are not eternal. They are meant to exist for a while after which they shall be no more. Apostle Paul’s ministry was characterized by distress, hardship, persecution, sufferings, trials and other social vices (see 2Cor.11:23-28). Yet, he was never deterred. Rather, he remained focused on the heavenly race. He didn’t allow any of his predicaments to overwhelm him nor to affect his personal walking relationship with God.
Are you afflicted? Are you distressed? Have you been rejected? Are you facing trials? Are you exhausted? Are you thinking of committing suicide? Are you troubled and hard-pressed? Did you lose a loved one? Are things no longer working for you? All these antics of the devil are temporal and should not dissuade you from holding tenaciously to the beautiful things that are yet to appear.
Paul was hated, afflicted, rejected, abandoned and persecuted like our Lord Jesus Christ, yet he held on to the invisible which eventually led him to eternity with God. Even when you think that your current status is appealing and glorious, it can never be compared with the invisible glory God is reserving for you, provided you are not carried away like Demas who “loved the world”(2 Tim.4:10). Accept this rare opportunity now and put aside the temporal as you anticipate the eternal glory.
PRAYER: My Father, my Father, help me as I face the challenges of today to consistently remind myself of the awaiting glory regardless of my current status, in Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

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