THEME: Respect Mutual Treaty
PASSAGE: Amos 1:1–15
HYMN: MHB 628 – YE that do your Master’s will
MEMORY VERSE: Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together except they are agreed?”
When two people agree to a binding relationship they come to an agreement or a covenant. This takes into consideration that either party should do things that would be beneficial to each other. Sometimes these agreements are written and signed by both parties in the case of a dispute. So when arbitration occurs, the party that breaches the agreement can be sanctioned according to the terms of the agreement.
Sometimes these agreements are sealed by the blood which represents life. In our reading today, God declared that the nation of Israel was contravening the covenant between them and God. He had done His part of the covenant by being their God, providing and protecting them. Now that they have received His blessings, they ignored fulfilling their own part of the agreement by going after other gods. But there is no other greater authority than God Himself that can arbitrate the breaking of this covenant. The consequence will be withdrawing His care over His people.
Today we are like the Israelites. We go after powerless idols, money and positions instead of seeking the Almighty God of heaven.
The letter of the agreement between the Israelites and, by extension, all Christian believers and God is that “There shall be no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:12.) When you choose to ignore this mutually-agreed covenant, you put yourself at the risk of the consequence. Let us respect this mutually agreed covenant that was sealed with the blood of Jesus. The covenant is simple “He shall be our God and we shall be His people”. He is faithful. Let us, therefore, respect our part of the treaty, and God will always defend us from our enemies, provide our needs and relate with us as His children.
Be a true covenant child. I am a covenant child, yoked to Christ Jesus.
PRAYER: – Help me, to be honest, and considerate in all my dealings with everyone that comes my way. Amen

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