THEME: Integrity Under Pressure
PASSAGE: Daniel 1:1–21
HYMN: MHB 575- SERVANT of all, to toil for man.
MEMORY VERSE: Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.”
As an approving officer in a government regulatory agency, a man’s brief includes approving for distribution to the populace imported items. Many times he had stopped the circulation of dangerous items even when asked to compromise.
But there was a particular occasion when he had financial pressure of many bills to pay. These included an impending burial of his late father. School bills for his children had recently been increased. His sources of raising funds were very short and he was in dire need of funds to meet all the expenses.
It was during this time he was asked to approve some items for monetary considerations. He was seriously pressured to accept this inducement, especially when he saw some of his colleagues doing this. Of course, the devil was at work!
However, the Spirit of God continued to tell him that He was the man’s only provider. The Spirit reminded him (as well as all believers) that we cannot take what is contrary to the will of God and so He would definitely not bless such earnings. The man took heed and refused to compromise. God surprisingly blessed him beyond measure and was able to meet all his obligations without any debt!
Many times we have been at crossroads when circumstances are not favourable or comfortable to us physically. We are tempted to cut corners even to the detriment of God’s Word. We must continually pray for the abiding presence of the Spirit of God not to compromise the integrity of our calling. The day you compromise, it may be the very day you are caught and you lose all you have honestly acquired.
Joseph’s experience in Egypt is very instructive (Gen. 39:1-10). This stand may lead us to temporary suffering but, ultimately, like Joseph, we will shine like gold that passes through fire in the end!
PRAYER: When temptation comes my way, merciful God, let me listen to that subtle voice of Yours that would lead me away from falling. Amen.

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