THEME: More than Your Adversaries
PASSAGE: 2 Kings 6:8-23
HYMN: MHB 735 – WHEN the weary seeking rest.
MEMORY VERSE: 2 Kings 6:16b ”…Fear not for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.”

In 2 Kings 5:5, the king of Syria wrote a letter to the king of Israel concerning Naaman, a leprous captain of the host of Syria, for healing. Elisha healed him. But in this chapter, the same king planned war against Israel, but God used Elisha to save the king of Israel three times (vs 10).
This angered the Syrian king and when he learnt that Elisha was the secret revealer; he ordered soldiers to surround Dothan where Elisha was. This scene terrified Elisha’s servant, who saw the large army early in the morning. But when he told his master (Elisha), he said, ”Fear not for they that are with us are more than they that are with them.”
Yes, God is bigger than any problems you may be passing through. The presence of God with you is also more than all your adversaries and their schemes. Why? The reasons are:
-God is Omniscient (2 Kings 6:6-12).
-God is with you everywhere you go as long as you trust Him (2 kings 6:13-17).
-God is ever ready to grant your request as long as you obey Him (2 kings 6:18).
-God is ready to make a mockery of all your adversaries (2 kings 6:19-23a).
-God is willing to give you rest from all your adversaries (2 Kings 6:23b).
For these and other reasons, why not cling unto Him and trust in Him? God can never let you down. Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the name above all other names. Believe the Word of God and believe His true prophets.
Beloved, you can see from all the aforementioned reasons that the presence of God with you is more than your adversaries. Trust Him and He will never let you down.

PRAYER: God Eternal, let the Hosts of Heaven appear when my enemies are raging and scatter them into oblivion. Amen.

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