THEME: Just Believe
PASSAGE: John 4:46-54
HYMN: MHB 511- BEGONE, unbelief, my Saviour is near.
MEMORY VERSE: John 4:50 “Jesus said to him, Go your way, your son lives. And the man believed the Word that Jesus had spoken to him and he went his way.”
Belief is a strong weapon in the Christian faith that disarms the devil and his agents. It is a strong tool to attain God’s power and it brings about the expected result for great manifestation. It is the key that opens the armoury and hands of God for supernatural miracles. It ushers one into the realms of supernatural miracles.
This nobleman from our text was a royal officer under Herod Antipas. He supposed that Jesus had to come to his house in order to heal his son. Jesus stated in verse 48, that some people would not believe unless they see miraculous signs and wonders. This is the problem of many throughout the world today. There are those who will not believe unless they see a miracle. Thomas, interestingly a disciple of Jesus and an Apostle of God, had this problem with his faith in John 20:29. Doubt is the weapon Satan uses to destabilize one’s faith in God.
Credit must be given to the nobleman for trusting in Jesus’ words that his son lived. His belief was based on the declaration of Jesus. The exact time He pronounced the man’s son healed was the same time that he was healed. The result was that his entire household believed in Jesus (Mk 9:22-24).
Beloved in Christ, believe God now for those promises and prophecies made for you and your family. Believe Him now that your situation is turning around for your good. Believe God that your childlessness is over. Trust God now that your health condition has stabilized. Believe Him that your long-awaited miracle is settled. Just believe God now that the crisis in your marriage is over. Distance is never a barrier to God’s miracle.
PRAYER: Because You are God Who cannot lie, I believe that my long-awaited miracles are here at last in Jesus’ name.Amen.

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