THEME: God’s Love
PASSAGE: John 3:1–18
HYMN: MHB 444 BELOVED, let us love
MEMORY VERSE: John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
God’s amazing love for mankind was decisively demonstrated at the cross. God has a unique kind of love for you. It is unconditional (not based upon meeting certain conditions as men do). God loves you because He loves you; He does not love you based upon your performance.
When someone does something nice for you, what’s your first thought? Doing something nice in return, right? Someone bought lunch for me, so I’ll buy lunch for him, too. Someone bought me a Christmas present, now I have to buy something in return. Re-gifting is good for those occasions. Until now you have probably only experienced conditional love. Conditional love is based upon what you do. Perform well on the job, on the team, or in the relationship, and you are “loved.” But God’s love is not such; it is agape love.
How do we then respond to God’s unfathomable love in Christ Jesus?
You must be born again just as He told the Jewish leader. The positions we occupy in the church does not guarantee salvation, neither does our contributions in the church nor services rendered.
Renewing our relationship with God should be first on our list of priorities for each new day. The first task in renewing our relationship is accepting that God loves us, and the prime example of His love is seen in Jesus.
As Moses lifted up the Brazen Serpent in the wilderness, so is Christ lifted at Calvary cross that whosoever looks up to Him consistently shall be saved.
Jesus was not sent to condemn the world; rather, through Him, salvation may be granted; but whosesoever rejects or refuses to accept Jesus is already condemned while living.
PRAYER: Lord Jesus, grant that nothing shares Your love in my life, and in Your mercy, deliver me from every power of self-righteousness.

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