MEMORY VERSE: Colossians 4:5 “Conduct yourselves wisely towards outsiders, making the most of the time.”
HYMN: MHB 303 ( – O Word of God incarnate.
Skill acquisition and knowledge are of great importance in all human endeavours. However, as important as they are, WISDOM is the principal thing without which all the acquired knowledge and skill will not be properly utilized. No wonder, the word WISDOM has been defined as the ability to make good use of knowledge, the ability to recognize right from wrong and dispense good judgment. This is better understood when one considers the judgment that King Solomon gave on account of the argument between two harlots as recorded in 1Kings 3:16-28. It was this divine wisdom that helped Solomon to know what to do and how to do it. No skill acquisition or accumulation of knowledge can help someone in resolving that kind of difficult case. It was because Solomon had God’s wisdom.
One must not forget that the beginning of this divine wisdom is the fear of God (Psalm111:10). This is the kind of wisdom we are asked to embrace and adopt in our daily walking relationship with our God and in all our interactions with humanity.
Consider the following:
– A Christian who often goes late to work is not wise;
– A Christian who is easily angered at every slight provocation is not wise;
– A Christian who lacks the discipline in the use of handset in the house of God is not wise;
– A man of God who cannot maintain the simple sanctity of altar or chancel etiquette is not wise;
– A Christian who always comes late to church services without any reasonable point is not wise;
– A Christian who takes advantage of others is not wise;
– A Christian who drives against the traffic in order to beat the hold-up for whatever reason is not wise;
– A Christian who holds back his resources from God is not wise;
– A Christian who becomes proud as a result of his exalted position is not wise;
– A Christian who does not know how to manage success is not wise;
– A Christian who does not think that he will give an account of his/her stewardship here on earth is not wise;
– A Christian who considers the mundane things as the first priority at the expense of the real thing as stated in Matthew 6:33 is not wise.
Brother/Sister, always ask for the wisdom of God. Fear Him and walk with Him for the rest of your life.
PRAYER: My Father in Heaven, endow me with Your Wisdom and keep me walking in it till eternity, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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