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Song Of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi) – by Judikay

    [Chorus {Ndimozi Bi nigwe Anasi Halleluyah Anasi Halleluyah Jehovah Omeliwo Omeliwo} [x2] [Chorus Translation] The Angels in Heaven Sing Halleluyah Sing Halleluyah Jehovah overcame !!! [Verse 1] {Glory, Honor, Power To the one who reigns forever Amen, Amen Blessings and the praise To the lamb of God Forever Amen} [x2] [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] Why won’t …

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Rest-True Satisfaction

To rest literally, this means to take a break from work or activity. It can also be considered as a moment of abstinence from feeling pressure. Perceptions about the word varies but it is beyond what we imagine. I think that ‘Rest’ is fulfillment, accomplishment and victory. It is that peace birthed by true satisfaction. …

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