Daily Reflection: Project God Only – Monday 9th July, 2018

TEXT: EXODUS 18:7-12
MEMORY VERSE: John 12: 3 “And I, if I be lifted up from
the earth, will draw all men unto me.”
Moses came to visit his father-in-law, having been separated for a long time, to share the testimonies of what the Lord had done. Though Moses was the one at the helm of affairs, giving directions to the people and making them to move ahead at God’s direction. Moses did not attribute the glory to himself. The text says in verse 8 that Moses told Jethro all the Lord had done in Egypt, not what he Moses had done. This made Jethro to glorify the Lord and made a burnt offering to the Lord (v12).

Many Men of God today ascribe what God had done through them to themselves and not to God. They brag about their achievements and ‘miracles’. They did not project that the Lord worked through them. And because they did not project God in giving glory to Him, most of them are now losing their glamour. God does not share His glory with any man at all. Moses did not present himself as a super-hero nor as the one who did it. In his statement, it was what the Lord had done.

When we attain a certain position, we often believe that it was our efforts, expertise and ingenuity that achieved the purpose. Beloved, we need to project the Lord in all we achieve. John said concerning Christ that He [Christ] must increase while he (John) must decrease [John 3:30]. James 1:17 tells us that every gift a man has is from God the Father. Jesus, in answering Pilate, told him in John 19:11 that Pilate has no authority unless it is given to him from above. We should never arrogate any glory to ourselves; rather we must project the Lord in all we do and let Him alone be glorified. Don’t let your achievements take you into pride above God.
PRAYER: Lord God, in all I have achieved, grant me the grace to return all glory to You in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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