Daily Reflection: SPIRITUAL EXERCISE – Sunday 19th August, 2018

MEMORY VERSE: JOSHUA 1:8 “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

My friend is very gifted at playing football. Because of his special skills, he was always the center of attention. We were sure he was going to make it as a great international player. However, he was required by his coach to always come for training. This made him combine his academics with sports. He was always on the training pitch. When we asked his coach, he explained that, like the parable of the talent, each had to work more to increase on the amount of talent(s) available to him. Natural gift is one thing but working hard to use the gift requires continuous exercise.

This is also very true of things of the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit confers on us His special gifts and presence, we cannot take it for granted that these gifts will always be available without our using them. Like God told Joshua, ‘I will always be with you, but you must make sure you study the book of the law and obey it.’

To grow spiritually or be spiritually-competent, we need to constantly engage in spiritual exercises. These exercises are varied but not limited to only such things as fasting, praying, praising God and studying His Word. We need to use the gifts that the Holy Spirit has bestowed on us not only for ourselves and others but also to glorify the name of God. Brother and sisters in Christ, how do you use your talents or spiritual gifts?

PRAYER: The all-wise and all-knowing God, teach me not to take Your presence for granted but to always wait on You for strength and wisdom through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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