Music Review: ‘SURGE’ – Obiora Obiwon feat. Glowreeyah Braimah

By: ’Funmilola Olukomaiya
Source: Obiwon
Date: September 10, 2018

The inspiration behind the ‘SURGE’ is an outcry for the sudden powerful forward or upward movement of the Spirit of God all should feel deep within, one that has been sometimes called ‘reawakening of spirituality’.

‘SURGE’ is an almost six minutes of good music with great dynamics, ushered with sustained flowing lines and rich, resonant chords. It is an eclectic number that exudes evocative rhythmic intensity with a great sense of electric spark. It is easily relatable and with a reminiscent tempo and consistent rhythm; it is not out of place to say that the mood of the song was well played out.

The song has an interesting intro, one that is atmospheric and captures your imagination right from its start, it is an amazing Urban Pop-rock song with great energy. It establishes a good beat that sets up the song. The intro starts with an expressively stirring tone from the piano which was soon followed by an electrifying bass presence that helps to lead into the song naturally. The intro stands out and led well into the chorus of the song. The intro is so full of energy.

‘SURGE’ is required for a sudden reawakening of spirituality; restoration of dead areas, lost gifts and skills; destruction of stagnancy, redundancy and oppression in the path of the individual’s original purpose and destiny in God through Christ.

The song is tuneful and interesting. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of vibrant energy with its brisk tempo and fiery rhythms. The snare drum upbeats and piano melody is effective and provides smooth linkages between sections. It is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic intensity and creates a haunting and eclectic sound. It is the kind of tune that would be easy to remember with a commercially positive and confident quality; it is not one song that you can get out of your head for days.

Obiwon’s vocal quality in this number is a rich tone that clearly expresses the lyrics of the song. The vocal quality of his backup singers are sharp as they may sound great and are comfortable with their high notes as the song climaxes.

Glowreeyah sings her verse with each sound and note sharply detached/separated from the others. Her voice resonated the essence of the song by adding more energy and smack.

The rich and resonant piano melody and the crisp and exact percussion soothes the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed. This composition would make for a good congregational revival worship song.

‘SURGE’, which also means Send. Us. Revival. Greatly and Exceedingly – is an expression of a spiritual force emphasising the intervention of the Spirit of God, which gives a great awakening and revival.

The song expressively relays the lyrics supported by great voice texture and vocal quality – the singers are comfortable with the high notes as the harmonisation was well served without going screechy.

Whilst there is a great, solid beat and strong engaging melody that grabs you and carries you along, the rhythmic effects are flowing, energetic and pronounced and at the same time, consistent and convincing too. The song has a rich variety of interesting and expressive instruments, quite distinctive and memorable. The arrangement is tasteful and suits the mood of the song.

The song is very expressive and the musical instruments used relayed the message of the song well. Obiwon and Glowreeyah’s rich voices and diminuendo made it electrifying yet interesting by varying the rhythm and dynamics, thereby ensuring that they avoided a boring mechanical strum throughout. The digital effects of the digital violin in this number is striking and really enhanced the song, thereby adding to its rich sound.

What is also striking is that the lyrics of the song is easy to make out. There is clarity of words and diction; easy flow of words with no confusion or unnecessary sematic noise. Obiwon chose words and phrases that are relatable with sound and natural rhythmic quality.

Inspired by a need for the intervention of the Spirit of God in the affairs of men with great signs and wonders in the politico-economic and socio-cultural spheres of the nations and in all sphere of human endeavour; a move that will bring in the harvests like never before in preparation for His imminent return, ‘SURGE’ is electric and engaging with original lyrics filled with life and energy.

The song ended on a soft note with the soft and soothing feel of the piano and the lead singers – it was conclusive.

Overall, the song is amazing with rich imagery and magnificent energy as the singers are natural, talented, professional and full of energy; the song is good to the ears.

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