DATE: TUE. 29th JAN, 2019


PASSAGE: JER. 1:11-19
11. Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. 12. Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it. 13. And the word of the LORD came unto me the second time, saying, What seest thou? And I said, I see a seething pot; and the face thereof is toward the north. 14. Then the LORD said unto me, Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. 15. For, lo, I will call all the families of the kingdoms of the north, saith the LORD; and they shall come, and they shall set every one his throne at the entering of the gates of Jerusalem, and against all the walls thereof round about, and against all the cities of Judah. 16. And I will utter my judgments against them touching all their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods, and worshipped the works of their own hands. 17. Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command thee: be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound thee before them. 18. For, behold, I have made thee this day a defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brasen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priests thereof, and against the people of the land. 19. And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the LORD, to deliver thee.

When God chooses anyone, He takes responsibility for what such person does in His service. He gives such person wisdom, protection, strength, etc to do it. He protected the three Hebrews, Daniel in lion’s den, Moses before Pharaoh, all to glorify His name.

In the text, Jeremiah is shown two inaugural visions. The first is that the prophet was watching to make sure that all the words God will ask him to speak in His name are established (1; 12). The second vision is of a boiling pot tilting away from the north so that its contents would spill over towards the south (1:13). This vision points to the Babylonian invasion from the north.

The Lord urges Jeremiah to prepare himself for battle He is to be faithful in announcing the oracles of God and is not to fear anyone. The people would oppose him but God promised to be with him and protect him (1:18-19). And our Lord assured that “But even the very hairs of your head are numbered, fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows” (Lk.12: 7).

Whatever God intended to do, He always made it known to His chosen people. He made His plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah known to Abraham and the destruction of Judah to Jeremiah. If you are a true child of God, He will always reveal things to you in visions and dreams. He will neither allow your enemies to overpower you nor harm you. One with God is a multitude.

1: FATHER of our fathers, living still
In spite of dungeon, fire and sword,
O how our hearts beat high with joy
Whene’er we hear that glorious word.

Faith of our fathers! Holy faith!
We will be true to Thee till death.

2: Our fathers, chained in prisons dark,
Were still in heart and conscience free;
And blest would be their children’s fate,
Though they, like them, should die for thee.

3: Faith of our fathers! God’s great power
Shall win all nations unto thee;
And through the truth that comes from God
Mankind shall then be truly free.

4: Faith of our fathers we will love
Both friend and foe in all our strife,
And preach thee, too, as love knows how,
By kindly words and virtuous life:

MEMORY VERSE: Jeremiah. 1:19 “They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you for I am with you,” says the Lord, “to deliver you”

As you were with the saints in the Bible, Heavenly Father, let Your hedges of protection always be around me in Jesus’ name.

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