The Title Syndrome

There was a time in the Holy Book when a group of seven deacons were commissioned to handle the equal distribution of welfare and to form the administrative body of the church in the early days. The interesting part is that this was all because there were serious conflicts in the church at the time.

In those days, there were only disciples and then came along the deacons but today, the offices and titles have multiplied extensively. We now have Most reverends, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, His Pre-eminence, Deacons, provincial Pastors, General Overseers, Bishops, HODs… and the list goes on.

Thinking through it all, I begin to wonder, are these offices created for the sole purpose of maintaining peace and order and for giving the people directions based on the doctrines of Christ or are they all political posts?

This train of thoughts are borne out of various experiences where these offices have been used to influence various forms of agendas, political, financial, ideologies, marriages etc.

You would also agree with me that most of these people have become gods in their various seats that people have to worship, revere and serve as against the initial Agenda of service which they entered into via oath and anointing.

This is not to undermine or call out various officers but rather to point out the essence and value of service, which is in the real sense of it, the primary purpose offices.

Christ came to the world as a leader with a mandate to liberate the world but in form of a servant.

He was known to break and serve bread to His disciples, He was also known to have washed the feet of His disciples amongst so many other things that He did in service; this is the life that we should emulate.

Finally, let us always bear in mind that service and responsibility is the purpose of religious ordination, therefore, we have a responsibility to serve with all our hearts and humility, as Christ would have done.

“For only in service can true Leadership be expressed”

– The Elite Minstrel

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